Rio Mini-Food Street

A row of brand new takeaway food shops is now at our Rio Ground floor mini-food street, provides authentic local snacks in Macau!


Azucar opened its first store in Macau in 2012, and then swept across Macau with its popularity.

The most recommended dessert of Azucar must be its Mango Pomelo Sago.

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Macau Spirit

Fried cheese ice cream is the signature of Macau Inspirit. The owner replaces whole milk with sour low-fat yogurt to make ice cream, fits the people who love food and health.

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白庵 – Japanese Bento Box

An authentic Japanese food shop. Black curry rice and pork risotto are popular. The black curry rice is makes with Japanese pure black curry, and slowly cooked with beef, potato and carrots. There are also have a variety of risotto and other flavors for you to choose.

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A local Macau brand coffee shop, every cup of coffee is the mainstay of RETHINK COFFEE, specially prepared by the barista to balance the taste of each person.

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With years of experience in making Lu Wei, CHI HAC‘s signature is its wide variety of Lu Wei food.

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